Who We Are

experience (ik-speer-ee-uh ns)

Knowledge or practical wisdom gained from what one has observed, encountered, or undergone:first experience of business.

Founded in 2002 as a provider of long/short independent equity research, Syntax Research was selected by a group of independent monitors to provide independent research to three Tier I investment banks under the Wall Street Settlement. Today, Syntax provides long only strategies to international and domestic ultra-high net worth investors, family offices and endowments/foundations.  Syntax provides a long/short equity income strategy via the flagship hedge fund offering, the Usha Fund.

Since 2009, Syntax Research has been a provider of investment strategies to both international and domestic ultra-high net worth investors, family offices and endowments/foundations.  Syntax Research follows a logical order of assessing global market conditions, assessing relevant risks to develop investment themes appropriate within the context of our proprietary global macro research. We have a symmetric approach to risk and reward, aiming to capture as much of the upside relative to the benchmark while minimizing a large part of the downside. Our investment philosophy is founded on the principle of identifying and exploiting opportunities to generate responsible returns while dynamically managing risks for our clients. Understanding the sources of risk to accept, mitigate or hedge in pursuit of an exemplary rate of return is the hallmark of our investment strategies.


Meet the Founder

Sandeep Sharma, CFA

Sandeep Sharma, Founder & Principal, received his Chartered Financial Analyst charter in 2000, his M.B.A. in Finance and Corporate Accounting from the University of Rochester’s Simon Graduate School of Business in 1987 and his Bachelors in Commerce with Honors from University of Delhi, India.

Innovative Risk Investing

  • Create probability scenarios of outcomes
  • Implications for various strategies may differ
  • Implement and reassess dynamically
How We Do It

We are Different

You won't find us in a "style box." We are not static traditional asset allocators. We are dynamic risk allocators.

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